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We are a Home Watch service for seasonal residents, vacationing families, and Corporate housing in the Boynton Beach and nearby Intracoastal communities.

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– Mike Strine

Your Peace of Mind Is Our Priority

What is a Home Watch Service?

A Home Watch service performs inspections of “vacant” properties while the owner is away.


What do we do?

Beach Time Home Watch will provide weekly inspections of the home using all 5 senses of seeing, hearing, smelling, feeling, and even tasting. Our purpose is to observe and report anything out of place in the home.

And then, at the conclusion of each inspection we will document our findings with a narrative and photos which will be sent to you after each inspection.

Every or a specific/specialized inspection will be as in-depth as necessary for your peace of mind and budget.


Why you need a Home Watch Service provider

Your Homeowners Insurance Agent MAY surprise you!  While researching this endeavor, I found most insurers will not cover an event which occurs if the home is left unoccupied for a set period.

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Therefore some homeowners’ insurance policies require a rider if the home is “unoccupied” for any length of time.


What is meant by that?

This is along the same lines of a Snowbird or Seasonal resident not being eligible for the Homestead Exemption in Palm Beach County.


What can be done to prevent this?

Most times to be covered for Insurance purposes, it just requires having a contracted service provider who can document the home was checked on a specific date and time.

Beach Time Home Watch, LLC is that service provider you need!


Few things command more respect than integrity, dedication, and reliability and these are only a few of the traits that Mike Strine, owner of “Beach Time Home Watch” demonstrated when his company watched over my home while I was traveling abroad. Sure, we can all ask a neighbor or a family member or a friend to stop by and check on things when we are away but it is not nearly the same as my recent, incredible experience with “Beach Time Home Watch.” Having a licensed and insured 30+ year career law enforcement officer and former US Army Military Police Soldier methodically inspect my home and premises gave me all the peace of mind I could ever expect. But his noteworthy credentials alone were not enough to warrant me writing this stellar review. Mike knew exactly what to look for and the scope of detail far exceeded my expectations. I received texts and emails with updates and photos. You just don’t get that kind of detail or peace of mind from a friend or a neighbor “stopping by.” I highly recommend “Beach Time Home Watch.”
Stuart M. from Montreux


I can personally recommend this service. On two occasions: Mike at Beach Time Home Watch noticed and reported seeing the rooftop solar pool heater leaking and notified me right away – preventing further damage to the property. And another time, when I was getting water in the house/garage, even hired a leak detection company who was perplexed and couldn’t figure it out, but Mike at Beach Time Home Watch noticed and reported the Sprinkler system had a cracked manifold which was shooting water into the open eave vent into the attic – problem solved. Again preventing further costly damage to the property. Mike is a true professional, trustworthy, a gentleman, courteous and willing and able to assist at any time. I highly recommend using this service for true peace of mind.

Angela M. from Golfview Harbour

Primary Service Areas

Exterior Property Inspections

We examine all your windows and doors to make sure they are locked and secure.  We pick up any papers or flyers in the yard to ensure the home does not look unoccupied.

We make sure all exterior lights are working and on a timer, if available.  We especially check for mold and mildew on the home and lanai – first visually, with a follow-up if needed.

We monitor your landscaping, your pool, and spa to ensure proper care is being provided and equipment is running properly. 

We visually check the AC condenser to ensure it is working properly.  

If there are ANY concerns, we let the homeowner or their designee know of our findings (in writing and photos), allowing the proper follow-up care which we will monitor. 


Interior Property Inspections

What do you do inside?  Examine all your interior doors and windows to ensure they are locked and secure, checking for signs of pest and insect infestation.

Visually checking under sinks and around the water heater, toilets, laundry units for leaks and mildew.  We watch for leaking faucets, and flush the toilet and run the sink water to be sure the returns are filled to prevent sewer gases from backing up into the home.

Checking the refrigerator and freezer are working properly, or that the doors are secure OPEN if the unit is shut off.

There will always be a check that the air conditioner and humidistat are working properly and maintained at a reasonable setting to prevent mold or mildew from forming.

The alarm system is checked on every visit for proper function.  And with the proper designation with the alarm company, we can do an occasional system test.

Contractor and Delivery Admittance

Do you have a project needing done that is bothersome while you are home, but manageable if you were away? 

We can coordinate and monitor any repairs or services you may need at your home.

Opening the house for delivery personnel or contractors upon your request.  We will close your home and secure it when they are finished.

We can organize your housekeeping services after you leave and before you return home.

Is it wonderful coming “home” to your Florida house when it’s impeccably cleaned by your housekeeping service?  

Automobile Status

To be sure your car, motorcycle, golf cart or other specialty vehicle is ready upon your return, we can start and run the vehicle (outside of the garage) while you are away.

If there is a planned or scheduled maintenance, we can take it to your garage for those repairs or oil change.

Let us know so we can discuss the costs for the service runs.


What happens to YOUR home when you're away?

“Kansas City family catches thieves sleeping in their home”
Posted Jan 16, 2019

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Who, or What is moving into your home while you're away?

What are YOU going to find when you get home?
Let Beach Time Home Watch take the worry and stress over the unknown. If rodents or any spiders, roaches, and more come into your home, we will meet your exterminator at the home to let them in.

Out of State, gets alert on Home Camera

Can you imagine watching on your home surveillance camera as you are a 1,000 miles away?

“Woman watches from Colorado as thieves ransack her Altamonte Springs home”

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Licensed & Insured

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