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Let’s make a PLAN. We have the IDEA where we can help YOU with your home, your castle, while you away.

Let’s take some ACTION to save your investment, to protect your nest egg.

Drop us a message on this Contact form, or call the number above to leave a message. 

You can also email me directly at the top of the page.

We are here to help you.

Our Commitment to you is to provide the best service, to alleviate the WORRY, the STRESS, while you are out of town for a trip or the season.

We are here with a sense of Urgency to protect your home and give you Peace of Mind.

It is IMPORTANT that we build a trust between us.  IT’s us to us to meet every DEADLINE and be RESPONSIBLE for the safe-keeping of your home.

We will handle any problem which may arise.

We will keep your KEYS safe, your home and property safe.
While your property is in our control, and our responsibility.

We will maintain them in a secure area, in our home which is alarmed and monitored by a reputable firm.

To figure the MAZE of choices and ideas concerning your SE Florida home in Palm Beach County.

We recommend you try our services and see the difference.

If you’ve had a friend or neighbor watch your home in the past, we recommend allowing them to continue. Let them know you’ve hired us to care for your home.
*personally I don’t mind if you have someone nearby keeping an eye on us. It gives our business the creds it needs and deserves.
PEACE & Be Safe