What Makes Our Service Different?


It’s the people! US – Mike and Cathy.


We were born and raised in Northeast Ohio & Northwest Pennsylvania. We are mid-westerners who moved to Florida in 2005 because we love the Beach!

What we’ve brought with us is our mid-western work ethic, reliability, and commitment.

It is an honor having served in our armed forces.  Being that I am a former US Army Military Police soldier, trained at Fort McClellan, AL, served at Fort Leonardwood, MO, it’s a privilege to be an MP.

In the wake of my Military time as a MP, I continued with a career as a Law Enforcement Officer.  On that note, I retired from my hometown police department in 2002.  I was also a Fire Fighter and an EMT-A with the local fire departments.

Additionally, I had a lucrative brick and mortar business in that little town for nearly 14 years.

However, the cold winter months were just too much, so at age 45 we came to the East Coast of Florida where we enjoy the sunshine and ocean air.

Cathy owns a virtual assistance company and works from our home office. She was a finance and administration director with a national security company for the first nine years we lived in Florida.

We will provide you with the best possible service and with the utmost respect.

We will gain your trust as we get to know each other. You will be confident in our abilities and what we can provide for you as a home watch service.

With my nearly 30 years of Law Enforcement experience, put it to work for you. If I ‘see’ something, I will say something. If something doesn’t feel right, I know whom to call and when to make that call. If a situation arises, trust that it will be handled in the most discrete and secure manner possible.