Testimonials & Reviews from our Clients across many platforms. Beach Time Home Watch is a unique service providing our clients Peace of Mind to leave their properties, enjoying their time, knowing if anything were to be out of the ordinary, my experience, dedication, and perseverance will prevail.

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Few things command more respect than integrity, dedication, and reliability and these are only a few of the traits that Mike Strine, owner of “Beach Time Home Watch” demonstrated when his company watched over my home while I was traveling abroad. Sure, we can all ask a neighbor or a family member or a friend to stop by and check on things when we are away but it is not nearly the same as my recent, incredible experience with “Beach Time Home Watch.” Having a licensed and insured 30+ year career law enforcement officer and former US Army Military Police Soldier methodically inspect my home and premises gave me all the peace of mind I could ever expect. But his noteworthy credentials alone were not enough to warrant me writing this stellar review. Mike knew exactly what to look for and the scope of detail far exceeded my expectations. I received texts and emails with updates and photos. You just don’t get that kind of detail or peace of mind from a friend or a neighbor “stopping by.” I highly recommend “Beach Time Home Watch.”
Stuart M. from Montreux


I can personally recommend this service. On two occasions: Mike at Beach Time Home Watch noticed and reported seeing the rooftop solar pool heater leaking and notified me right away – preventing further damage to the property. And another time, when I was getting water in the house/garage, even hired a leak detection company who was perplexed and couldn’t figure it out, but Mike at Beach Time Home Watch noticed and reported the Sprinkler system had a cracked manifold which was shooting water into the open eave vent into the attic – problem solved. Again preventing further costly damage to the property. Mike is a true professional, trustworthy, a gentleman, courteous and willing and able to assist at any time. I highly recommend using this service for true peace of mind.

Angela M. from Golfview Harbour

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