Happy Spring!


When the family is ready to go back north to the summer home, there are so many things to consider when deciding to hire a service provider such as Beach Time Home Watch for the Florida home. 


What is important to consider with the Florida home?


Think about who is going to watch the Florida investment property, whether it is a second home/seasonal home, does a neighbor or friend to take care of this treasure as a professional would?

Therefore consider hiring Beach Time Home Watch to keep track and to have an eye on the second home.

If an event occurred and the insurance agent had to get involved in restoring the vacation home to what you expect for a seasonal home, is the second home going to be covered since it is vacant for more than 31 days?  From what an Insurance Agent told me; your coverage will be sufficient if you have a licensed and insured Home Watch Service contracted to service the home.  Therefore in the event or a tragedy occurs and Beach Time Home Watch has provided our weekly inspections, which are documented by Geo-Tagged photos with written inspection reports, this would support the insurance claim for correcting the damage, restoring the vacation home to what you have come to enjoy and cherish.  

If the second home is being checked by “Joe the Neighbor” who wrote out a few post-it notes of when he went by to check on the house, do you think your Insurance Underwriter will accept that as proof of inspections or services rendered? – Likely not.


What do you need to ask?


Two of the most important things to ask a potential Home Watch Service provider:

  1. Are you licensed?
    1. We are. Ask if the business has its license with a current tax receipt.  Is the business current and active at the time of the service?
  2. Are you Insured?
    1. We are. We carry a $1m Liability Insurance policy which is active with our insurance agents contact information available.  The insurance protects your assets while we are in this precious, prestigious vacation home.

Beach Time Home Watch does have the business license necessary.  We are an LLC corporation, licensed as a home occupation business with the City of Boynton Beach.  We have our business license as a housesitter with the City.  Housesitter, what I did not think we really “did” is the best selection the city has to describe our business. 

Palm Beach County has a ‘Type of Business’ listing which was more accurate, namely: House Watching.  We have obtained our license in the City of Boynton Beach as well as the County of Palm Beach.

Do a diligent search, find we have filed our business documents with the State of Florida SunBiz Division of Corporations database of registered companies.

We have a $1m liability policy thru Allstate Insurance, with agent Aaron Shelby.  If there would be any questions or the need to verify, please do.

When asked what makes our Home Watch Service business any better than another, we eagerly invite you to search through our website to find the answers to many questions.