Beach Time Home Watch is now an operating service business operation. We launched successfully and are Open for Business. 

Cleared for doing business (my own):

The documentation I had to submit to my employer was approved, allowing secondary employment (my own business). 

Business Name/Licensed Obtained:

We did change the business name as advised, to Beach Time Home Watch, LLC.  It was approved. Beach Time Home Watch, LLC was formed. New E.I.N. in hand, new Florida Department of State – Division of Corporations registration, and City of Boynton Beach Business Tax Receipt obtained, as well as the Palm Beach County Business Tax Receipt.

Check out the website & give me  feedback.

Lessons Learned:

One thing I learned was when purchasing the domain name, I didn’t want to “seem” hidden, so I left the domain registration as open and view-able by the public with my current information.

It was incredible the number of phone calls from website builders I received from around the world, all explaining how THEY are the best one to do my website the proper way. All I need to do is provide them with a Credit Card number.

This was a great example of how Cold Calling is so outdated these days, and rarely works!