When I come to your home, the first thing I do is an exterior assessment. Are there any signs of damage, forced entry, vandalism or mischief?

If so; I call 9-1-1 

Once the exterior appears safe from the street, I will check the front area for any signs of disrepair or potential hazards to those in the area.
A walk of the Exterior will allow me to check the windows and rear/side/garage doors for any issues.
Are the Sprinklers in good service condition?
Is the AC condenser free of any debris and in good working order?
Is the sidewalk clear of debris, such as palm branches or sticks your neighbors could be harmed on?
Driveway in good order? Any grease or oil stains or puddles showing someone was in the driveway and home for any length of time?

Before going into the home, I will check the condition of the door locks.  Have they been tampered with?  Stained or damaged with burglary tools? 

If so, I call 9-1-1

*All that before even touching the front door handle or using the provided garage door opener!


When I come in to your home, the first thing I do is check if the Alarm is on.  Listening for odd noises or out of the ordinary sounds in the quiet home. If there are there any signs of damage, forced entry, vandalism or mischief?

If so; I call 9-1-1 

Once the interior appears safe, I will check from the front area of the home, normally walking around to the right (my preference).  I will be looking for any signs of disrepair or potential hazards, as well as signs of water intrusion at the windows, and bug infestation since the last house check.

I check the downstairs bathrooms for any signs or sounds of water dripping.  I may flush the toilet.  Maybe not every time, but depending on what you prefer and what you have the water service set up with the utility.  I will allow some water to run in the sink, in the bathtub, or shower. The reason for this is to ensure there is adequate water in the drain trap.  This will keep the sewer gases out of the home and the Palmetto bugs who may be looking for that dry area where to nest.

Once this area is done, I will proceed to either the laundry room or kitchen area.  Checking that the refrigerator doors are still propped open with the appliance turn off and unplugged. Also, I will run some water in the kitchen sink.  on occasion I may run the garbage disposal as well to ensure the bearings are well lubricated. If the phone system is on, I will lift the handset to check for a ring tone.  The clocks should always be accurate.  If the electronic clocks are showing the wrong time, it would indicate the power was off.  If the battery powered clocks are off time, then I need to change the batteries.

I will check the thermostat settings and verify the information is accurate with my own humidistat unit.  This will corroborate the temperature and humidity in the home.  Proper settings will prevent mold or mildew from setting in.

I will then go upstairs (if there is a second floor) and do my routine in the same order, usually going to the right from the top of the stairs. There will be time when checking the home, if I am not at ease for the visit, I may go left – to be unpredictable.


If you have a boat on your property, we can include checking in on that as well.

If the boat is elsewhere, either at a remote dock or marina, we can do that as a separate property check.

With your Golf Cart or Motorcycle, we can check on the battery status, drivability – if so desired – to keep it fresh and responsive for your return.

I do have a motorcycle endorsement (since I was a teenager) and a Safe Boaters card as well. If there is something needing attention, we will see to it that it’s taken care of.


If you have a garage, I would check that area as well. If there are cars on the property, I would ensure the doors are locked, and the keys are secure.  I will check the breaker panel to see if any additional breakers were tripped since the last visit.  I will have a ledger to know which breakers are off (and why, in case power is needed to that area temporarily).