Front Door with Flyers and Receipts stuck in it. This is what an empty house looks like.
Who is checking on your home?

If you have a neighbor watching your home, how would you know this isn’t what your house looks like from the outside? (Empty House!)

Maybe neighbor “John” comes in from the garage door or the rear slider.  Does he walk around the entire area? The ENTIRE home perimeter?  What if “John” has a phobia of SE Florida Spiders, I bet he hasn’t walked around all that many times.

At Beach Time Home Watch, our Home Watch program does an entire Exterior check before we go inside.  If a crime has occurred, we will notify the police and standby for them to arrive and handle the situation.  I would contact you immediately to inform you and send you photos of what we discovered, AT THAT TIME.

Let’s look at this picture again – Empty House!

One of the Vendors, likely the Pool Guy, has been there four times with different colored receipt paper.  Four weeks?  Four bi-weekly visits = two months?  Four monthly visits?

If there was a bad guy were going through the neighborhood, this would be a great invitation to come and smash in the rear slider (not triggering any contact alarms) and check out the home.

WHAT IF during these 4 weeks, bi-weeks, monthly times when “John” was supposed to check on your home, and he hadn’t, the AC unit had failed?  What if the filter was so dirty the system shutdown with no air flow?

A $45 filter change service is now a $25,000 Mold remediation job.

Guess what!?  Your Home Owners Insurance will likely NOT COVER the damage due to the home being unoccupied and not checked on by a licensed and reputable Home Watch Service.    ASK YOUR AGENT about your specific Insurance carrier.   What is the unoccupied or uninhabited time period and when does coverage stop?

Call Beach Time Home Watch @ (561) 523-8508 to set up protection for your home while you are away.

Remember our motto:
“We Will Watch It, So You Can Leave It.”