A question that is in everyone’s mind;



Why would I choose you? 

I can think of many answers, but to consider: We do Home Watch.  We take care of your Seasonal Home, Winter Home, Second or Vacation Home; your Vacant Home.  We offer ONE service.  There are some variations within what we do: Seasonal Home Watch, Vacation Home Check, Vacant Home Monitoring.  But it’s all the generalized same service.  We are trustworthy, honest, dedicated, and offer you opportunity of having Peace of Mind that your Florida vacant home is safe and sound. 

We are discoverable (our own website, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Nextdoor, Alignable, Google My Business, YouTube, Instant Messenger, email and more).




Born and raised in Northeast Ohio & Northwest Pennsylvania, we’re mid-westerners who moved to Florida in 2005 because we love the Beach!



What we’ve brought with us is our mid-western work ethic, reliability, and commitment.

We are honest as the day is long, trustworthy, sincere, and compassionate to care for your home.

Your property is what we will respect and safe-guard it while you are away by doing routine, weekly inspections using our 5 senses.  After which, we will always report any issues we’ve discovered along the way, documented with time/date/location photos and a written report (see below to understand how thorough the reports will be!).

Living in NE Ohio/NE Pennsylvania, for years I was checking on my grandparents ‘West Springfield, PA’ home.  With the constant, consistent, routine house sitting my mom & I did for Gram and Gramps, gave them the Peace of Mind to enjoy their Canadian Lake House in the summer, and the Lake Placid FL home in the winter.  So, I can say I’ve been watching vacant homes since I was a toddler ~ of course ~ with my mother at the time. 

The Peace of Mind was treasured at the time.  Seeing that, and acting upon issues arising while they were away, enabled me to grasp the importance of this valuable service and convenience for you, and the confidence we can earn from you.



I am a former US Army Military Police soldier, trained at USAMPS (OSUT) Fort McClellan, AL – 11 Jan 1979, served at Fort Leonardwood, MO (463rd MP Co (Escort Guard)).

Insignia for Military Police in the US ARMY

It was appreciated, the life changing decision made to join the Army.  It taught me responsibility, accountability, and allowed me to grow up.  After the time in the Military, I became a career Law Enforcement Officer

After the Ohio Police Officers Training Academy given at the Ashtabula County Sheriff’s Office, I was hired by the Geneva on the Lake Police Department where I served for a few months, until being hired by my hometown agency.


Served proudly on the Conneaut Police Department for over 16 years. 


The opportunity to serve as a part-time Utility Fire Fighter and an EMT-A with the local Fire Department & Volunteer Rescue Squad was something I took on while still being a police officer.  The overall Public Safety aspect of learning, caring, nurturing and teaching was an accomplishment I am very proud of.

Retiring in 2002, after 16 years, it was just so cold and seasonal up north, we were looking into moving south to the Sunshine State of Florida.



In addition to all that, I had a lucrative brick and mortar business in that little town for nearly 14 years.

However, the cold winter months were just too much, so at age 45 we came to the East Coast of Florida where we enjoy the sunshine and ocean air.

I went into the Security Officer field for a time, at Royal Palm Yacht and Country Club in Boca Raton.  It was a great experience, but the calling was there to return to the career field of Law Enforcement.

Cathy owns a Virtual Assistant business and works from our home office.  She was a finance and administration director with a national security company for the first nine years we lived in Florida.



We will provide you with the best possible service and with the utmost respect.

Your trust will be earned by us as we get to know each other.  You will be confident in our abilities and what we can provide for you as a home watch service.

With my nearly 30 years of Law Enforcement experience, put it to work for you, if I ‘see’ something, I will say something.  If something doesn’t feel right, I know whom to call and when to make that call.  If a situation arises, trust that it will be handled in the most discrete and secure manner possible.



We will provide an honest and dependable Home Watch service for your Vacation Home, Winter Home, Second Home, here in Eastern Palm Beach County.

We are trustworthy, reliable, and honest with a career in law enforcement and public safety.  WE offer you Peace of Mind and the ability to relax and enjoy your time away.


Who’s watching your home now?  It should be Mike at Beach Time Home Watch in Boynton Beach.  Give us a call or email.


PEACE & Be Safe ~ Mike